01. The dance sequence was the [highlight] of the show.
02. Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and looking out over the city in the evening was the [highlight] of my visit to Paris.
03. The press was given an outline of the [highlights] of the speech ahead of time.
04. Please choose three new words in the newspaper article, and [highlight] them in yellow.
05. I have [highlighted] any experience that I consider to be pertinent to the job on all the resumés we have received.
06. Watching my son's hockey games are often the [highlight] of my week.
07. There's going to be a special program [highlighting] the top news stories of the year on channel 6 tonight.
08. We missed seeing the final of the World Cup, but caught the [highlights] on the news.
09. A walk along the Great Wall of China was the [highlight] of our trip.
10. The Opposition leader's speech [highlighted] the need for an increase in health care spending.
11. The increase in strikes by employees in the public sector [highlights] the need for this government to take a less confrontational approach to union negotiations.
12. E. J. Dionne once suggested that conservatives [highlight] the government's role in promoting individual virtue, but downplay the government's responsibility to create a society in which virtue can flourish.
13. Birthday spectacles for Queen Elizabeth II were a [highlight] for travelers to England in 2002.
14. We were able to sample the [highlights] of Blenheim Gardens in about three hours.
15. Discussion question: What has been the highlight of your stay in this country?
16. Find someone who regularly highlights new words in a reading in yellow pen in order to study them.
17. In his speech, the presidential candidate [highlighted] the need for more funding for education

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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